Writers’ Bloc Proudly Presents….WORDSMITH WEDNESDAYS!


Yes, yes. We know it’s been a long time. (Sorry?)

We have exciting news, though! Yes! We do! Honest! No lie! We’re very excited! To! Introduce! You! To! Our! New! Weekly! Feature!

I can just hear all those right-brains sighing with glee. Ah, sweet music.

If you decide to join in, here’s your first prompt :

Head over to your bookshelf. Look at those glorious spines. Pick a few, and turn them into a literary masterpiece!

Oh yes, we did. We just gave you an excuse to publish your very own “Book Spine Poem“. We love you, too.

You could either take a picture, or just put up text (with the authors names, please?) on your blog. And once you’re done, add your post URL to the little Mister Linky widget below. Simple enough? Happy composing!


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