The Hobbit – Week One


I’m terribly sorry for how late this is!

So, we finished Chapter 1 to 6 this week, and hopefully, all of you are enjoying reading The Hobbit as much as I am (you are?! That’s wonderful! No, no, you don’t need to send me flowers, that’s quite alright. Oh, stop it, you’re making me blush!)


Inkeri offered to help me with this week’s questions, so you’ll have six in total. If you haven’t caught up with us, I’d suggest that you get to Chapter 6 and then join in, I’d hate to be the source of spoilers.

Inkeri’s Questions

1. In the book Bilbo gets visited by 13 strange dwarves, and just lets them in to eat his cakes and drink tea. In the modern world it would be really weird if people just started barging in your home. Why didn’t Bilbo just tell them to go?

2. Where would the dwarves and Bilbo be if Gandalf wasn’t with them? It’s seems to me that it’s him who saves them from the scary situations.

3. Bilbo plays a game of riddles with Gollum. He ends up winning by asking “What have I got in my pockets?”, which Gollum is unable to answer. Do you think it was a fair, as it wasn’t actually a riddle?

And here are mine
4. For those of you who haven’t read The Hobbit before, is the tone of writing one you’d expect from a book that has been loudly proclaimed as a classic? And for those of you who have read it before, how did it feel – like coming home to a much loved book, or were you surprised by how much you’d forgotten?

5. We’ve seen quite a few songs so far. Do you pay attention to them, or do you skip them altogether? Do you like how silly they are, or do you think them an interruption?

6. What has been your favourite scene, so far?

Okay, so that wraps up Week One. Now, you can either choose to write a blog post in response to this, or leave us really, really, really long comments (we don’t mind). I’ll get the link log up and running in a bit and add your posts to it, should you choose to do it that way.

Discussions for Week Two start on the 25th, and we have Matt and Lynn taking over!


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    • Yay! Give me a little while, and I’ll add it to the list, okay? Heading over to look at your answers now. Do check out the other blogs and see what they have to say! 🙂

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